Tamiko NISHIMURA Photo Exhibition
Existence - Situation Theater 1968-69

April 24 Fri. - May 9 Sun. 2015

Last year's well-received Tamiko NISHIMURA Photo Exhibition showed works of the Shoukei (Longing) series which Nishimura concentrated on from the early 1970s to 1983, documenting various locations from Hokkaido, the Japanese northeast, the Hokuriku area, and Kansai, to her birthplace Tokyo. Our second exhibition of Nishimura’s photography presents the 1968-69 series Existence, when she visited the underground venue Situation Theater every week in order to capture the performances of Juro Kara, Akaji Maro, Simon Yotsuya, and others. This exhibition parallels Kittenish: Tamiko Nishimura, held at the same time at Zen Foto Gallery.

■ Toki-no-Wasuremono
Tamiko NISHIMURA Photo Exhibition: Existence - Situation Theater 1968-69
April 24 Fri. - May 9 Sun. 2015

Event Information
May 8 Fri. 18:00: Gallery Talk with Tamiko Nishimura and Ryuichi Kaneko 
(photography critic, historian of photography, collector)
RSVP under info@tokinowasuremo.com
Please include your name and address in your mail, and
write "Gallery Talk Nishimura" in the subject line.
(This event will be held in Japanese only.)

■ Zen Foto Gallery
Kittenish: Tamiko Nishimura
April 24 Fri. - May 16 Sun. 2015
Opening reception on April 24 Fri. from 18:00-20:00.
Piramide Bld. 2F, Roppongi 6-6-9, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel.: 080-4652-7058

Tamiko NISHIMURA (1948-)
Born 1948 in Tokyo, Nishimura learned photography at Tokyo Photography College (now Tokyo Visual Arts). As a student, she took photos for the underground theatrical company "Situation Theater" around 1968. The first photos she took of them was "Yui Shosetsu", starring Juro KARA, Akaji MARO and Simon YOTSUYA. Before graduating from the college, she made a solo trip to Okinawa. After graduating the college in 1969, she lived on a partime jobs and magazine works, travelling around Japan every now and then with her camera. Her works are mostly taken in Hokkaido and Tohoku (North east region of Japan's mainland), but there are also works of Kanto (Tokyo and surrounding region), Hokuriku (North Japan facing Sea of Japan) and Kansai (Osaka and surrounding region). Since 1990s, she begun to photograph places abroad such as Europe, Cuba and Vietnam.

1975 Minato-cho, Tokyo College of Photography Gallery (Tokyo)
1980 Town: Tokyo, Nikon Salon (Ginza, Tokyo)
1981 Town: The North, Nikon Salon (Shinjuku, Tokyo)
1982 Dancing Konohanasakuya-hime, Konishi Gallery (Tokyo)
1983 Music: Maestro Naoto Otomo, Minolta Photo Space (Tokyo)
1998 Islands, Taka Ishii Gallery (Tokyo)
2000 Kosho (View), Studio Ebis (Tokyo)
2001 Vent Calmoso, Tokyo Shashin Bunkakan (Tokyo)
2004 Poetic Scream: Fukushima Yasuki, Place M (Tokyo) /
Tamiko Nishimura, I-Gong Gallery (Daejoen, South Korea)
2005 Vent Calmoso, Studio M (Tokyo)
2009 Islands, Gallery Sokyusha (Tokyo)
2012 Shoukei (Longing), Billiken Gallery (Tokyo)
2014 Shoukei (Longing), Toki-no-Wasuremono (Tokyo) /
Islands, Zen Foto Gallery (Tokyo)

Photo books
Islands Tokyo College of Photography1973
Vent Calmoso Sokyusha2005
Poetic Scream: Fukushima Yasuki Choeisha2005
Existence: Situation Theater 1968-69 Grafica2011
Shoukei (Longing) Grafica2012
Kittenish... Zen Foto Gallery2015


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