Tatsuoki NAMBATA
Nov. 8 Thu. - 17 Sat., 2007

Tatsuoki NAMBATA(1905-1997)
1905 Born in Asahikawa, Hokkaido.
1924 Visited Kotaro Takamura and was deeply influenced by his works.
1926 Entered Waseda University, dropped out of it after a year. Learned painting at Taihei Art Institute and Hongo Art Institute for paintings.
1935 Founded the group "FORM" with Riichiro Kawashima and four members.
1937 Took part in founding of the Free Artist's Association.
1960 Made his first lithograph under the guidance of Arthur Florey.
1978 Published the portfolios "City and people" and "Poetry of the sea" from Gendai Hanga Center. Made a lot of prints in these 2 years.
1987 Solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.
1988 Won the 29th Mainich Art Award.
1996 Received "Person of Cultural Merits Award" from the Ministry of Education.

1997 Died at the age of 92.


Tatsuoki Nambata died 10 years ago on November, 8 at the age of 92. He had been in good health until the spring of 1997, and he drew a big oil painting that year.
We have published a lot of his prints since 1970s. I remember when I met him, just before he died, to ask him to sign for his prints that were made for book of paintings of Q Ei.
Nambata made many prints, but some of them were not published. We will exhibit approximately 20 of his works including oil paintings and prints, especially rarely unpublished ones.

*Please contact the gallery for more information regarding pricing and availability of images.
No. Image Title Date Catalogue No. Technique Size(cm) Ed. Sign
1 Still life with a sculpture 1949 Oil 51.6x64 Signed
2 Image/Blue 1994 Oil 27x22 Signed
3 Time in tha stone 1979 10 Lithograph on Ganpi paper 60x100 Ed.25 Signed
4 Work A 1989 28 Lithograph 60x82 Ed.90 Signed
5 Untitled 1970 43 Hand colored etching 15x12 Ed.75 Signed
6 Seawind 1977 53 Etching 18x28 Ed.35 Signed
7 Work A 1977 54 Etching 19.2x14.4 Ed.50 Signed
8 Untitled c.1977 58 Hand colored etching 13x16 E.A. Signed
9 Untitled c.1978 70 Hand colored etching 15.5x12.5 E.A. Signed
10 Dune 1978 72 Etching/Aquatint 20x15 Ed.75 Signed
11 Recollection 1978 73 Etching/Aquatint 20x15 Ed.75 Signed
12 Still life in the sea 1978 74 Etching/Aquatint 20x15 Ed.75 Signed
13 Talking 1978 75 Etching/Aquatint 18.3x15 Ed.75 Signed
14 Gathering 1978 79 Etching 13x16 Ed.75 Signed
15 A mother and children 1978 80 Etching 20x15 Ed.75 Signed
16 A bright city 1978 84 Etching 20x15 Ed.75 Signed
17 Suburban houses 1978 85 Etching 20x15 Ed.75 Signed
18 Untitled c.1978 88 Hand colored etching 27.5x17.5 E.A. Signed
19 The recurrence c.1978 91 Drypoint on Ganpi paper 22x16.5 E.A. Signed
20 Dynastic attire 1978 93 Hand colored etching 27x17.8 Ed.35 Signed
21 Flying 1978 94 Etching/Aquatint 28x18 Ed.35 Signed
22 Floating 1978 95 Etching 20.5x15 Ed.35 Signed
23 Floating 1978 95 Hand colored etching 20.5x15 Ed.35 Signed
24 Silent city c.1978 99 Etching/Aquatint 18.2x15 E.A. Signed
25 Cathedral 1978 100 Etching/Aquatint 28x18 Ed.35 Signed
26 To the sky 1978 101 Etching/Aquatint 28x18 Ed.35 Signed
27 To the sky 1978 101 Etching/Aquatint 28x18 Ed.35 Signed
28 Silent resistance 1978 103 Etching 18.4x15 Ed.20 Signed
29 Silent resistance 1978 103 Hand colored etching 18.4x15 Ed.20 Signed
30 Noctuene 1978 104 Drypoint 28x18.1 Ed.20 Signed
31 Night and day 1978 105 Etching/Aquatint 20x15 Ed.75 Signed
32 Antique city 1978 106 Etching/Aquatint 20x15 Ed.75 Signed
33 Fairy of the sea 1978 108 Drypoint 18.5x30 Ed.20 Signed
34 Wandering people 1978 109 Drypoint 18.4x30.1 Ed.20 Signed
35 The tale of a wonderland 1978 110 Drypoint 18.3x30.1 Ed.20 Signed

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