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Print Works by Kumi SUGAI and Sadamasa MOTONAGA

February 8 Fri. - 23 Sat. 2008

Toki no wasuremono is pleased to announce our exhibition of print works by Kumi Sugai and Sadamasa Motonaga who both produced their own style of abstract paintings from 1950's. They both did not have academic background in art and did not come out of the established Japanese art world. Sugai moved to Paris in 1952, where worked arduously and became known there soon.
Motonaga sent his avant-garde works to the world as a central member of the group "Gutai".

We will exhibit 27 prints by them which were made in 1970's - 1980's.

Kumi SUGAI(1919 - 1996)

Born in Kobe. His real name was Teizo Sugai. Made great achievement in Hankyu Corporation as a commercial designer. Learned the Japanese style painting from Teii Nakamura. Moved to Paris in 1952. Soon became famous through his very successful solo exhibition at Kraven Gallery. Started to produce print works since 1955. His style showed a major change from around 1962 when he adopted 'hard-edge' geometric imagery in contrast to his previous oriental calligraphy-influenced brush like style. In 1970's his style changed again to combinations of circles and straight lines. Sugai produced some 400 prints in his life.
Sadamasa MOTONAGA(1922 - )

Born in Mie prefecture. In 1955 became a member of Gutai Art Association founded by Jiro Yoshihara. Participated in all of their exhibitions until leaving this group in 1971. Came into the public limelight as the abstract painter of the Art Informal. His early works were painted by dripping. After he moved to U.S.A. in 1966, he changed his style to free and playful shape using an airbrush. Started to produce print works from 1970's.



No. Image Artist Title Date Technique Size(cm) Ed. Sign
1 Kumi SUGAI GUEST I 1980 Silkscreen 57.0x38.0 150 signed
2 Kumi SUGAI GUEST II 1980 Silkscreen 57.5x44.0 150 signed
3 Kumi SUGAI GUEST III 1980 Silkscreen 62.0x46.5 150 signed
4 Kumi SUGAI GUEST IV 1980 Silkscreen 60.0x46.5 150 signed
5 Kumi SUGAI GUEST V 1980 Silkscreen 57.5x33.0 150 signed
6 Kumi SUGAI GROUP 1 1980 Silkscreen 50.5x44.0 150 signed
7 Kumi SUGAI GROUP 2 1980 Silkscreen 48.0x33.0 150 signed
8 Kumi SUGAI GROUP 3 1980 Silkscreen 54.0x38.0 150 signed
9 Kumi SUGAI GROUP 4 1980 Silkscreen 53.0x40.0 150 signed
10 Kumi SUGAI GROUP 4-B 1980 Silkscreen 58.5x43.0 150 signed
11 Kumi SUGAI HOLIDAY 1 1978 Silkscreen 22.0x16.0 250 signed
12 Kumi SUGAI HOLIDAY 2 1978 Silkscreen 22.0x16.0 250 signed
13 Kumi SUGAI HOLIDAY 3 1978 Silkscreen 22.0x16.0 250 signed
14 Kumi SUGAI HOLIDAY 4 1978 Silkscreen 22.0x16.0 250 signed
15 Kumi SUGAI HOLIDAY 5 1978 Silkscreen 22.0x16.0 250 signed
16 Sadamasa MOTONAGA Iiroro 1977 Silkscreen 47.0x61.0 100 signed
17 Sadamasa MOTONAGA Orange Shape 1979 Silkscreen 33.0x47.0 170 signed
18 Sadamasa MOTONAGA Round Green 1979 Silkscreen 47.0x33.0 170 signed
19 Sadamasa MOTONAGA From White Net 1981 Silkscreen 55.0x38.0 150 signed
20 Sadamasa MOTONAGA Stretch White 1981 Silkscreen 36.0x57.0 150 signed
21 Sadamasa MOTONAGA Also Mathematical Formula 1984 Silkscreen 46.0x66.0 150 signed
22 Sadamasa MOTONAGA Short Oarange Is Around Center 1984 Silkscreen 46.0x66.0 150 signed
23 Sadamasa MOTONAGA In The Orange Color 1977 Silkscreen 47.0x61.0 100 signed
24 Sadamasa MOTONAGA Like A Dragonfly 1979 Silkscreen 60.0x45.0 150 signed
25 Sadamasa MOTONAGA From White Lines 1979 Silkscreen 45.0x60.0 150 signed
26 Sadamasa MOTONAGA Light From Square Red 1984 Silkscreen 66.0x46.0 150 signed
27 Sadamasa MOTONAGA White Light Seems To Be Coming out 1977 Silkscreen 61.0x47.0 100 signed


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