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Works of Gian Berto VANNI with "Love"

March 14 Fri. - 29 Sat. 2008

Gian Berto Vanni’s children’s book “love”, Japanese version, was published by Aoyama Publish Co. last year. He also worked as a scenic artist ( “Our beautiful castle” is one of his work where Marcello Mastroianni debuted in ) as well as an architect and a video artist. He has a keen ability to make books. “Love” is a representative one. Its free design could be a small architecture in the microcosmos of the book.

This book tells the bittersweet story of a little girl who lives in an orphanage, is considered a bit strange and, although facing rejection, reaches out to the world with love.

With each turn of a page, unexpected views of the fantastic world will come out of the book. "Love" is the beautiful creature that was given a aesthetic feeling in printing, characters, paper, design and bookmaking.

We will exhibit 25 of Gian Berto Vanni’s paintings and watercolors, as well as some materials about his concept of “love”.

Gian Berto VANNI(1947- )

Born in Rome in 1927. Professor of Art at The Cooper Union School of Art, New York. Has been living and working in New York for the past twenty years.
Learned Architecture at University of Rome, School of Art and Architecture. Studied painting at Yale University with Josef Albers.
He has been studying about “color interaction” and uses it for his works. His work can be found in public collections around the world, including Seattle Museum of Art, the West Holland Museum and Musei Civici in Millan.



<Gian Berto Vanni>List
No. Image Title Date Technique Size(cm) Sign
1 Geometry of an Emotion 2005 mixed media 60.0x86.0 signed
2 Dream of a possible Moon 2005 mixed media 60.0x86.0 signed
3 Search in the Meadows 2005 mixed media 60.0x86.0 signed
4 Migration by Night 2005 mixed media 60.0x86.0 signed
5 Vanishing Point 2005 mixed media 60.0x86.0 signed
6 Wondering Forest 2005 mixed media 60.0x86.0 signed
7 Life growing in a Metal World 2005 mixed media 60.0x86.0 signed
8 In the depth of the Sea* 2005 mixed media 60.0x86.0 signed
9 In Search of the Light 2005 mixed media 60.0x86.0 signed
10 curls 2004 egg tempera 25.0x35.0 signed
11 Surge of the Red egg tempera 25.0x35.0 signed
12 The Wave egg tempera 25.0x35.0 signed
13 Slow Motion in Search egg tempera 25.0x35.0 signed
14 The Green River egg tempera 25.0x35.0 signed
15 Script in the Emperor's Palace egg tempera 25.0x35.0 signed
16 siense memories 2005 egg tempera 30.3x23.0 signed
17 Indian Script egg tempera 30.0x20.0 signed
18 Road to Elsewhere egg tempera 25.0x20.0 signed
19 Balance Game egg tempera 20.0x25.0 signed
20 Walkways and Windows egg tempera 20.0x25.0 signed
21 Perspective egg tempera 25.0x20.0 signed
22 Interruption watercolor 50.5x35.5 signed
23 Mirage at Sea watercolor 35.5x50.5 signed
24 From Sky to Water to Earth watercolor 35.5x50.5 signed
25 Roots watercolor 50.5x35.5 signed


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