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Futulisti-Dominico BELLI
September 29 Tue. - October 17 Sat. 2009
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2009 is the year of 100-th anniversary since Filippo Tommaso Marinetti declared the Futurist Manifesto, and it's also the 100-th anniversary since the birth of Domenico Belli who was the last representative of the Italian futurist.

Futurism, having started in Italy, at the beginning of the 20-th century, had a big impact on the international art scene. It was an innovative movement that influenced not only art and literature, but also spread on music, theatre, cinematography, photography, architecture, graphic design and  others.

This time we are exhibiting oil paintings by Domenico Belli who hasn't been introduced to the Japanese audience so far.

Domenico BELLI (1909 - 1983)
Born in Rome in 1909. In 1929, entered the atelier of Giacomo Balla, then participated in the futurism movement. Showed his works at the Venezia Biennale (1930, 32, 34, 36), the exhibitions of the futurism aeropainting (1933-39), the Quadrennial of Rome (1935,39), and the exhibition of the futurism homage to Umberto Boccioni (1933, Pesaro Gallery, Milan) and others. Was in charge of publicity and stage art for "Teatro delle Arti" of which director was A.G. Bragaglia for 1934 -  42. After the World War II, kept exhibiting in the futurism exhibitions such as " 15 Futurist of Prato (1970) ". Died in Lavinio (Rome) in 1983.


The list of the works
No. Image Title Date Technique Measurement
1 BAINEARE 1979 Oil Painting 45.0x60.0 *
2 CANTERE 1981 Oil Painting 45.0x60.0 *
3 Derby 1974 Oil Painting 45.0x60.0 *
4 GLI AMANTI OEL COSMO 1970 Oil Painting 94.0x67.0 *
5 LA NEDINA 1969 Tempera 79.0x60.0 *
6 PESHERECCI IN PORTO 1980 Oil Painting 45.0x60.0 *
7 REGATA AL TRAMONTO 1979 Oil Painting 45.0x60.0 *
8 TRANQUILLO METERICO 1973 Acryl 50.0x72.0 *



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