Hideo NODA, Tamiji KITAGAWA, Yasuo KUNIYOSHI Exhibition

April 19 Fri. - April 27 Sat. 2013

<Hideo NODA, Tamiji KITAGAWA, Yasuo KUNIYOSHI Exhibition> works list        2013.4.19[Fri] - 4.27[Sat]
No. Image Artist Title Date Medium Measurement Ed. Sign
1 Hideo NODA "Work 2" Watercolor on Paper 25.4×30.9cm
2 Hideo NODA "Scenery" Oil and Pen on Paper 24.0×33.3cm
3 Hideo NODA "Tokyo Botanical Garden sketch" 1936 Pastel crayon on Paper 22.7×28.2cm Signed
4 Hideo NODA "Work 4" Sketch 33.7×26.3cm
5 Hideo NODA "Work 8" Sketch 12.9×9.1cm
6 Hideo NODA "Work 11" Sketch 21.4×15.4cm
7 Hideo NODA "Work 14" Sketch 21.3×17.0cm
8 Hideo NODA "Work 15" Sketch 21.4×16.8cm
9 Hideo NODA "Work 17" Sketch 17.3×21.3cm
10 Hideo NODA "Work 21" Sketch 16.8×23.3cm
11 Tamiji KITAGAWA "Man" 1934 Sketch 46.5×34.0cm Signed
12 Tamiji KITAGAWA "Woman" Sketch 52.5×39.0cm Signed
13 Tamiji KITAGAWA "Flower" Sketch 47.5×31.5cm Signed
14 Tamiji KITAGAWA "Mother and Daughter sitting with mountain on their back"
(original picture)
c.1941 Sketch 31.0×24.5cm Signed
15 Tamiji KITAGAWA "Audience"
(A cover design or a frontispiece)
c.1941 Sketch 24.5×17.0cm Signed
16 Tamiji KITAGAWA "Mother and Daughter with a Mirror" 1947 Oil on Canvas 92.0×73.0cm
17 Tamiji KITAGAWA "Mexican Bathing"
*Raisonne No.32
c.1941 Wood engraving 37.5×45.0cm Ed.100 Signed
18 Tamiji KITAGAWA "Bathing"
*Raisonne No.72
1957 Wood engraving 27.4×39.5cm Ed.80 Signed
19 Tamiji KITAGAWA "Two Girls and flowers"
*Raisonne No.96
1961 Lithograph 37.0×27.0cm Ed.10 Signed
20 Tamiji KITAGAWA "Woman selling fruits"
*Raisonne No.329
1976 Hand colored lithograph 38.0×28.0cm A.P.
21 Yasuo KUNIYOSHI "Woman holding her knee"
(Another work on reverse side)

*The certificate of authenticity by Tokyo Art Club attached.
1930 Sketch 24.5×19.0cm
22 Yasuo KUNIYOSHI "Circus ball rider" 1930 Lithograph 40.0×29.0cm Signed
23 Yasuo KUNIYOSHI "South Berwick" 1934 Lithograph 23.0×31.5cm Signed
24 Yasuo KUNIYOSHI "Female Tightrope Walker" 1936 Lithograph 40.7×39.2cm Signed
25 Yasuo KUNIYOSHI "Female Tightrope Walker" 1938 Lithograph 39.5×30.0cm Signed

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