23rd Q Ei Exhibition

May 17 Fri. - June 1 Sat. 2013

Hideo SUGITA, a youth aged 24, moved to Tokyo in 1936 with his photo-dessin, which were rated highly by artists Sadajiro KUBO, Saburo HASEGAWA and Usaburo TOYAMA and made debut as Q Ei.
He produced many photo-dessins and collages, attracting attention as an avant-garde painter. Q Ei continued to produce many photo-dessin works in steady style, but on the other hand, his oil painting begun from abstract expression, moved to representational painting and returned to abstract painting after the war. His dynamic transition of painting ended with marvelous stippling paintings, which he worked on until his death at young, at the age of 48.

Since the 1st exhibition in 1996, this is our 23rd exhibition featuring Q Ei.

In this exhibition, we are displaying around 30 works of oil paintings, water colors, photo-dessin and photo-dessin stencils, centered with a stipple oil painting master piece "Woods".

●We are publishing the exhibition catalogue.
"The 23rd Q Ei Exhibition" catalogue
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Publishing date: 17th May 2013
Published by: Toki-no-Wasuremono / Watanuki Inc.
Text: Shogo Ootani (Principal investigator, National Museum of Modern Art)
Size: B5, 24 pages, Around 30 images printed.

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<23rd Q Ei Exhibition> works list        2013.5.17[Fri] - 6.1[Sat]
No. Image Title Date Medium Measurement Sign
1 "Woods" 1959 Oil on Canvas 130.4×97.3cm
2 "Communications Museum A" 1941 Oil on Canvas 46.0×61.1cm
3 "Work-B (Art work Blue)" 1935 Oil on Board 29.0×24.0cm
4 "Scenery" Oil on Board 23.7×33.0cm
5 "A doll and a bottle" Oil painting 38.0×45.0cm
6 "kiss" Photo-dessin 28.0×22.5cm Signed
7 "Work" Photo-dessin 29.5×23.3cm
8 "Work" 1950 Photo-dessin 30.0×24.7cm Signed
9 "Work" 1958 Photo-dessin 25.3×20.2cm Signed
10 "Vestige" 1936 Photo-dessin Image size: 29.0×22.6cm

Sheet size: 30.2×25.0cm
Signed by Mrs. Q Ei
11 "Voice" c.1937 Photo collage 39.0×47.0cm
12-1 "Work" 1937 Photo collage 29.6×17.5cm Signed
"Work" 1937 Pencil and Spray on Paper 31.5×23.0cm Signed
13 "Morning" 1958 Watercolor on Paper 33.0×25.0cm Signed
14 "Work" Watercolor 49.9×38.0cm Stamp signed
15 "Work" 1954 Watercolor on Paper 19.0×14.0cm Signed
16 "Work" Watercolor on Paper 28.0×23.5cm Stamp signed
17 "Work" Watercolor on Paper 24.5×17.0cm Signed by Mrs. Q Ei
18 "Work" 1937 Pencil and Spray Image size: 25.5×21.5cm

Sheet size: 28.5×25.0cm
19 "Work" Spray 29.2×19.3cm Signed by Mrs. Q Ei
20 "Work (Photo-dessin stencil)" 1953-54 Pen on Cellophane 24.7×14.5cm
21 "Work" 1958 Pen on Paper 23.1×15.0cm Signed
22 "Work" Pen on Paper 11.5×15.0cm Signed
23 "Work" Pen on Paper 18.4×11.8cm
24 "Work" Pencil on Paper 10.4×8.0cm
25 "Work" 1951 Pencil on Paper 23.3×14.9cm
26 "From dessin collection of love" 1935 Pen on Paper Sheet size: 21.4×14.6cm
27 "Work" Pen on Paper Sheet size: 28.0×23.5cm Stamp signed
28 "Work" Pen on Paper 12.5×22.2cm Signed
29 "Trimmer"
(Tentative title)

*Not for sale
1936 Photo-dessin 30.7×25.0cm Signed
30 "Reason for sleep"
alternative front cover

*Not for sale
1936 Photo-dessin 30.2×25.1cm
31 "Brisk sky morning"
alternative version

*Not for sale
Photo-dessin 27.3×22.3cm

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