Koshiro ONCHI Exhibition

June 25 Tue. - July 6 Sat. 2013

Koshiro ONCHI is very highly rated as the pioneer of Japanese abstract expression with his sharp, abstract works.

He was the leader of Sosaku-hanga-undou (Creative Printing Movement), which practiced its emphasis "a prnting should not be a copy of a painting". The creative movement of printing that spread across the nation, including amatures as well as professionals were wonderful.

As well as a printer, he is also known as a book designer. He started his career as a book designer before printer to make a living. Rated highly by Yumeji TAKEHISA and Hakushu KITAHARA, He established his position in this field during 1920s. After the world war II, he feedbacked new printing skills to broaden his book design, and by 1955, he created 600 designs.

As a photographer, he favoured to use avant-garde expressions and created photograms and photo montages. Combining these photographic works with his prints and poems, he created works such as "Hiko-Kanno" in 1934 and "Hakubutsushi" in 1942.

In this exhibition, we are displaying around 20 works of printings, sketches and watercolors of the artist who has lived along the history of modern printing.

Koshiro ONCHI (1891-1955)
Born in Tokyo in 1891. Was influenced by Yumeji Takehisa's works. Studied oil painting and sculpture at Tokyo School of Art. But left the school before graduation. Published an illustrated book of poems "Tsukuhae" with Shizuo Fujimori and Kyosuke Tanaka in 1914. Designed and drew illustrations for a book of poems by Sakutaro Hagiwara "Tsuki ni Hoeru (Bark at the moon)" in 1917.
"Hakusyu Kitahara Complete Works" established him as a book designer in Japan. Left a major mark on the Japanese art history as a pioneer of abstract art and a leader of printmakers in Japan. Also published excellent illustrated books such as "Hiko Kanno (Voluptuous flight)", "Umi no Douwa (A fairy tale of the sea)", "Hakubutsushi (A book of natural history)" and "Mushi, Sakana, Kai (Insects, Fishes and shells)". Died at the age of 63 in 1955.

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