Post War Avant-garde Art '50 - '70 from Mr. S Collection

November 29 Sat. - December 6 Sat. 2014

We are auctioning 45 works which Mr. S, who took part in the Japanese avant-garde art movement from 1950s, has collected over 50 years of his activities in wide variety of fields.
If you wish the list with minimum bididng price to be posted, please contact us.
We accept bids via an e-mail, a fax and a post.
Bidding deadline: Sat. 6th December 17:00 (local time)

♦For those who would like to bid, please read requirments below and contatct us via email address below with the title "Bidding application", your name and your address. In return, we will send back the initial price list.


♦For conditions of works, please feel free to contact us. We will provide detailed images on request.

●Bidding method 1 / Email bidding to
Please write "Email bidding" on the title. In a message, please list clearly bidder's name, address, lot number, artist's name, work's title, bidding value and receiving method (shipping / pick up).

●Bidding method 2 / Bid at the Gallery
We accept direct bidding at our gallery. If you are interest to see works for your own eyes, you are very much welcome.

♦Deadline for all bidding methods are Saturday 6th December at 17:00 local time (Tokyo).

♦To reduce a risk, we use "mid value method".
Bidder with a highest bid will be a successful bidder, but the price to be paid will be a value between a highest bid and a second highest bid.
For example, if a highest bidding value and a second highest bidding value are JPY 200,000 and JPY 100,000, final bidding value will be JPY 150,000.
When there is only one bidder, a mid value between a bidding value and a initial price will be a final price.

♦In a case where there is more than one bidder with a highest bidding value, sucessful bidder will be chosen by a lottery.

♦On bidding, please state a method of receiving.
If you choose to a work to be shipped, shipping and packing cost will be charged separately. If you choose to collect a work from our gallery, there will be no extra charge.

♦We will contact you results of bidding regardless of wether you are successful or not.

♦Starting prices for works with lowest values are JPY 5,000.

Exhibiting artists: Genpei AKASEGAWA, Shizuka AKIYAMA, Tetsuo ARAKI, Yukihisa ISOBE, Tadayoshi IRINO, Tokujiro IWANAKA, Hisashi INDO, Toyokiyo UCHIDA, Ansei UCHIMA, Hideko URUSHIBARA, Taro OKAMOTO, Hiroshi KATSURAGAWA, Yoko KAMOI, On KAWARA, Goro SAITO, Yoshishige SAITO, Masaya SAKAMOTO, Yoshio SANO, Ushio SHINOHARA, Kishio SUGA, Sokichi SUGA, Seiichi SUGIHARA, Ryosaku TAKAYAMA, Kakuzo TATEHATA, Yasukazu TABUCHI, Hisao DOMOTO, Shunji HIGASHI, Takao HIWASAKI, Eiichi MITSUI, Takewo MOKUTA, Sadamasa MOTONAGA, Ken YAMAGUCHI, Katsuro YOSHIDA, Taizo YOSHINAKA, Masunobu YOSHIMURA, Aijiro WAKITA, Arman, Pierre ALECHINSKY, Cesar, Jean Fautrier, Luis Feito, Paul KLEE, Koenig, Piet MONDRIAN, Pierre SOULAGES, etc.

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For price, more information and orders, please contact us via our inquiry form or e-mail us.