Sadaharu HORIO & Osamu ISHIYAMA Exhibition -Things ordinary, things not-

March 31 Fri. - April 15 Sat. 2017


This exhibition will display 200 never before seen works by Sadaharu HORIO(1939~)and 9 new copperplate prints by Osamu ISHIYAMA(1944~).

Sadaharu HORIO(1939-)
Born 1939 in Kobe. Continued artist activity energetically while working at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Exhibited continuously at Ashiya City Museum of Art and History from 1957, and at Kyoto Independants from 1964. Exhibited work in the 15th Gutai Exhibition in 1965.

Became a member of Gutai in 1966 and stayed until its dissolution in 1972. Studied under Jiro YOSHIHARA in 1968. With the theme “matter of course”, holds over 100 exhibitions and performances during a year.


Osamu ISHIYAMA(1944-)
Architect. Born in Tokyo in 1944. In 1966 graduated from Waseda University, Department of Architecture. Completed graduate studies at Waseda University in 1968. In 1985 awarded the Tenth Isoya Yoshida Prize for his work on the Izu Chohachi Sakan-art Museum. In 1988 became a professor at Waseda University's Department of Architecture.

1995 The Design Award from the Architectural Institute of Japan for his work on the Rias Ark Museum of Art.
1996 Golden Lion Award, Venice Biennale 6th International Architecture Exhibition. 
1998 Japan Inter-Design Forum Award.
1999 Oribe Award.
2001 The Minister of MEXT Award for Art.

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Gallery view