HA Myoung Eun Exhibition

Feb 9 Fri. - Feb 24 Sat. 2018 11:00-19:00

Ha Myoung Eun takes the household name pop art with origins like Lichtenstein and Warhol reinterprets - reconstructs it- sublimates it into her own new work. She is a young Korean artist who has recently been spreading out into festivals like KIAF, whose career we should watch out for in the future.

This will be her second exhibition at Toki no Wasuremono. We are proud to display 15 of her works, including one new one. During this exhibtion HA will be visiting in Japan.

 ●Opening event
From 5 pm on February 9 (Fri)、we will hold an opening event with the artist in attendance (no reservations necessary)。All are invited to participate.

HA Myoung-eun
HA is one of the new generation of artists from Korea. She reconstructs 20th century pop art to create unique works from a variety of materials. In 2011 she graduated from Sungshin Women's University Graduate School, Department of Western Painting.

Her major solo exhibitions include: 2009「A master piece of painting Preznt exhibition」Galleru S101(Sungshin Women's University)、2011「A master piece BRUSH」Gana Art Wil Gallery(Seoul). She has also exhibited at many group exhibitions. Awards include:2010 Manoffin Emerging Artist Award、2011 Gallery Dole Selected Artist。

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Feb 9 Fri. - Feb 24 Sat. 2018 11:00-19:00

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