KUMAGAI Morikazu and GOMI Taro's Picture Books and Prints
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July 30 [Fri.] ― Aug 14 [Sat.] 2021 11:00-19:00
Gallery closed on Sunday, Monday, and national holidays.
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Watanuki Ltd. will hold a summer vacation exhibition that can be enjoyed by all ages.

After collapsing from a stroke at the age of 76, it became difficult for KUMAGAI Morikazu to travel outside very far. His themes began to center on things like the plants, bugs, and cats that were close to him. The unique style with bright colors and red outlines that comes to mind when you hear "KUMAGAI" is actually that of his later years. This exhibition will exhibit 15 prints, some printed while the artist was still alive and others printed with the supervision of his family after the death of the artist.

GOMI Taro is well loved across generations as a picture book artist, but in this exhibition we will display his prints. The prints featuring cute animals like owls, giraffes, and rabbits in pop colors have a special quality a bit different from the picture books.
Alongside the approximately 25 prints, we will also prepare 30 picture books including KUMAGAI Morikazu's "It's Going to Start" and GOMI Taro's "San San San" and "I Want to Meet Sooner". Please enjoy our special summer vacation exhibition and have fun viewing and reading.

KUMAGAI Morikazu
Born in 1880 in Gifu Prefecture. 1900, entered Tokyo University of the Arts Department of Western Painting. Studied under figures including KURODA Seiki and FUJISHIMA Takeji. AOKI Shigeru was among his classmates. Began making sumi-e from the 1930s, and in his later years would write books. Moved to Nagasaki-machi (now Chihaya) in Toshima Ward in 1932 and spent the rest of his life there. Held a solo exhibition in Paris in 1964 and would hold many across Japan. 1967, retired from the Order of Culture. Passed away on August 1, 1977 at age 97. After the war, he developed a style characterized by bright colors and simple shapes, and would paint only when he wanted to paint, with themes of organic life familiar to him like cats and birds, bugs and flowers. This series of works would come to be called "Kumagai Style" and continues to be highly evaluated today. His former residence is now the Toshima Ward Kumagai Morikazu Art Museum.

Born in Tokyo in 1945. Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School, department of Interior Design. A representative picture book author of Japan.
Debuted in 1973 with the picture book "Michi" (Fukuinkan Shoten). With over 400 publications of primarily picture books to date, he has a wide range of fans from children to adults. His books have been translated and published in over 20 countries. Major works include "Who Hid it?", "Who Ate It?" (Sankei Childrens' Book Award), "Spring is Here" (Bologna International Childrens' Book Fair Award), "Saru rururururu", "Scribble Book", the essay "Sometimes A Boy", and others. Awards include the Sankei Childrens' Book Award, Bologna International Childrens' Book Fair Award, Roadside Stone Literature Award, and many more.

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