110th Anniversary Matsumoto Shunsuke Exhibition

May 10 [Tues.] ― May 28 [Sat.] 2022 11:00-19:00
Gallery closed Sundays, Mondays, and national holidays.

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This year would be Matsumoto Shunsuke's 110th birthday. Prior to WWII, he published "Living Artists" and championed free art, and immediately after the way he delivered "Deliberation with All Artists in Japan" to artists throughout the country, calling for the formation of a union of artists. He was an artist who was clear and proactive in his beliefs, and it is a shame he passed so early.
This exhibition will feature "Boy With a Cup", the 1942 oil painting of Matsumoto's beloved son at age 3, and include 19 other portrait-focused works. "Boy With a Cup" has only rarely been exhibited prior to this.

We will also publish an exhibition catalogue (Essay: Nakano Koji / Text: Otani Shogo (the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo))

"110th Anniversary Matsumoto Shunsuke Exhibition"

2022  Publisher: Watanuki Ltd.
Essay: Nakano Koji
Text: Otani Shogo (the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)
Images: 12
Editorial, design: Shibata Takashi
B5  34 pages
Price: JPY 1,000- + shipping charge

Shunsuke MATSUMOTO (1912-1948)
Born in Tokyo in 1912 and was raised in Iwate. Lost his hearing in his youth and aspired to become an artist. Returned to Tokyo and attended the Taihei Yogaka Institue for painting. Took his wife's name, MATSUMOTO, after marriage (previously SATO Shunsuke), and with his wife Teiko founded the atelier Sogo Kobo where they published the magazine Zakkicho. In 1943, founded the artist's group Shinjin Gakkai with Aimitsu, Aso Saburo, Terada Masaaki, and 4 others (they held 3 exhibitions in total). Joined the Jiyu Bijutsuka Kyokai in 1947. Passed away in 1948.

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