KURAMATA Shiro's Books and Posters

May. 11 [Thu.] ― May. 13 [Sat.] 2023 11:00-19:00
Gallery open all days of exhibition.

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For people to get their hands on the limit edition of "Shiro Kuramata Cahier 1-2" (Ed.365) we published in March 2023, Watanuki Ltd. is hosting 3 day exhibition "KURAMATA Shiro's Books and Posters".

Since 2020, Watanuki Ltd. has been editioning "Shiro Kuramata Cahier," a collection of KURAMATA Shiro's sketches and drawings left by his bereaved family and reproduced in silkscreen format (six collections are scheduled). This book reproduces the delicate and exquisite contents of the first and second collections, and features an essay by Mr. HORIE Toshiyuki, a French literature scholar, entitled "Roses Planted Forever in Loss".

In addition, "Words" and "Dream Pictures and Esquisse" from the two notebooks that KURAMATA Shiro used before his death, "NOTE BOOK" and "Sketch", will be included and shown for the first time.

The two notebooks contain handwritten fragments of words, dream memoirs, and memories that were jotted down as they were recalled, all converted into text and supplemented by the editorial team.

Although he also drew many dream pictures and design esquisse, we have included only some of the sketches because they are Shiro Kuramata's personal notebooks.

The book is now available in a beautiful limited edition of 365 copies, art-directed and designed by Okamoto Issen Graphic Design Co.,Ltd.

At the same time, seven rare posters such as KURAMATA Shiro's posthumous works exhibition will be specially distributed.

Limited edition "Shiro Kuramata Cahier 1-2"
Edition: 365 (Each copy numbered)
Published: March 2023
Supervision: KURAMATA Mieko, UYEDA Makoto
Text: KURAMATA Shiro, UYEDA Makoto, HORIE Toshiyuki
Translation: Sam Bett, KATSUMI Mio (Watanuki Ltd.)
Editorial: UYEDA Makoto, ODACHI Reiko (Watanuki Ltd.)
Art direction & design: Okamoto Issen Graphic Design Co.,Ltd.
Printer: Tosho Printing Co., Ltd.
Format: 20 images, 25.7×25.7cm, 64 pages, text in Japanese and English, Japaense text only for "NOTE BOOK" and "Sketch"
Price: JPY 7,000-
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KURAMATA Shiro (1934-1991)
In the late 1960s Kuramata became a global designer known for his innovative works. These include many pieces which use a mix of diverse mediums including acrylic, glass, aluminum, and steel mesh. He was born in Tokyo in 1934. He attended the Tokyo Metropolitan Kogei High School and began work at Teikoku Kuzai in 1953. From 1953 to 1956 he studied at Kuwasawa Design Research Center, Department of Living Design, and in 1957 moved to Mie Prefecture to work in advertising, creating window displays. In 1956 he began his own office, Kuramata Design. In 1967 he gained attention after collaborating with Tadanori Yokoo on an interior design project.
From around this time, he started to use the acrylic that he would favor for the rest of his life, creating transparent, weightless works emulating that cloating space of everyday life. Kuramata gained international recognition with his 1970 series "Furniture in Irregular Forms". He was awarded the Mainichi Design Prize in 1972. In 1981 he participated in an exhibition in Memphis set up by Ettore Sottssas Jr., showing works as part of a new Italian design movement alongside Arata Isozaki and Michael Graves. He was awarded the French Order of Culture in 1990. He suffered from heart failure in 1991 and passed away at the age of 56.