HIRASHIMA Akihiko Photo Exhibition
– Tokyo Labyrinth/Color

Schedule: November 17, 2023 (Fri) - November 25, 2023 (Sat)
11:00~19:00 ※Open Everyday During the Exhibition
Supervisor: OTAKE Akiko

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In 2020, the first HIRASHIMA Akhiko exhibition took place, along with the publication of Akihiko HIRASHIMA Portfolio "Tokyo Labyrinth" (featuring 15 gelatin silver prints).

In this second exhibition, 20 of the color photographs taken by Hirashima Akihiko during his urban explorations are selected by Otake Akiko, the exhibition supervisor, and will be shown as new prints.

A collection of works, "Tokyo Labyrinth 1985-1986/2009-2023" will be published in conjunction with the exhibition. It includes all the works from the first and second exhibitions, as well as an interview between Hirashima Akihiko and Otake Akiko. On Saturday, November 18 at 16:00, Hirashima Akihiko and Otake Akiko will hold a gallery talk (reservation required / fee 1,000 yen). Please reserve by e-mail( info@tokinowasuremono.com ).

“The Map of Tokyo, Showa 20” (text by NISHII Kazuo, photo by HIRASHIMA Akihiko, Chikuma Shobo) was created after Hirashima showed his copy of “Concise Tokyo: 35 Wards Division Atlas” (The Association to Record the Tokyo Air Raid, Nichiji Shuppan, 1985) to Nishii Kazuo, whom it inspired to come up with a serial column published in "Mainichi Graph". Hirashima and Nishii walked around Tokyo from September to November of 1985 (and also between January and February of 1986 for reshoots) to create this series, which was eventually published as a book.

■Hirashima Akihiko
Born in Tateyama City, Chiba in 1946. In 1965, entered Waseda University's School of Political Science and Economics and joined the photography club. In 1969, joined Mainichi Shimbun, and was assigned to the Western Head Office Photography Division. In 1974, moved to the Tokyo Headquarter’s Publishing Photography Department and was in charge of photo coverage for weekly magazines such as “Mainichi Graph”, “Sunday Mainichi”, and “Economist”. In 1986, Co-authored "The Map of Tokyo, Showa 20" (text by NISHII Kazuo, photo by HIRASHIMA Akihiko, Chikuma Shobo), and in 1987, published "The Map of Tokyo, Showa 20, Continued". In 1988, held "Akihiko Hirashima Photo Exhibition - Tatazumu Machi" at the Setagaya Museum of Art, with photographs included in the aforementioned two books. (Works were added to the museum’s collection and later exhibited at "Unacera di Tokyo" exhibition (2005) and "Tokyoscape: into the City" exhibition (2018), with HIRASHIMA Akihiko as one of the authors). In 1996, transferred to the Publishing Production Department. In 1999, moved to the Visual Editing Department. In 2003, co-authored “City Resume: Walking in Kanda” (text by MORI Mayumi, photo by HIRASHIMA Akihiko, Mainichi Shimbun).

He is also the editor of the book "Tsuneichi Miyamoto Photographs and Diaries" (MIYAMOTO Tsuneichi, Volume 1, 2 and extra, 2005). The production of this book received the “17th Photo Award" in 2005. Also edited, "Building with History: Palace Side Building Story" (Mainichi Building, 2006), "Complete Record of the Great Journey" (Volume 1, 2, SEKINO Yoshiharu, 2006), "1960s Tokyo Memories of the City of Water Where Streetcars Run" (IKEDA Shin, 2008), "Showa Scenes taken by Tsuneichi Miyamoto" (MIYAMOTO Tsuneichi, Volume 1, 2, 2009). In 2009, left Mainichi Shimbun. Edited following books after his retirement: "Miyamoto Tsuneichi Diary - Seishun Hen" (TAMURA Zenjiro Part, 2012) and "Kineo Kuwahara Photographs - Private Showa History" (Volume 1, 2, 2013). In 2011, he established “Town Walker Club” with his friends from Waseda University photography club, and continues to take pictures around various parts of Tokyo once a month. As of September 2022, they have met 117 times. In 2020, held his first solo exhibition "Akihiko Hirashima Exhibition: Tokyo Labyrinth" (Supervised by Otake Akiko) at Toki no Wasuremono and produced a portfolio of 15 original prints.