Toshiko UCHIMA

Born 1918 in Manchuria, Uchima enrolled as a student at Dalian Institute of Painting in 1928. In 1939, she completed her studies at Kobe College. Since she moved to Japan, she furthermore studied with the painter Ryohei Koiso. In 1953, Uchima became a member of the Democratic Artists Association founded by Q Ei. Around the same time, she met Sadajiro Kubo and Shuzo Takiguchi and started to experiment with abstract oil painting, woodblock prints and lithographs. In 1955, she became a founding member of the Japanese Women’s Print Artists Association. Three years later in 1958, Uchima participated in the

Triennial of Contemporary Printed Art in Grenchen (Switzerland), subsequently shifting her main activities to the United States. Since 1960, she lived in New York. Since around 1966, Uchima’s work started to center on box-like assemblages and collages made of impressions on wood and stone. Her works have been exhibited across the United States and in Japan. When her husband, fellow print artist Ansei Uchima, suffered a cerebral haemorrhage in 1982, she devoted most of her time over the next 18 years to take care of him, though she also continued to be active as an artist. Uchima passed away in 2000.



Woodblock print, collage


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