Kuniichi SHIMA

Born in Tokyo in 1935. Helped to establish "Group・Han" in 1958 and graduated from Tama Art University Department of Painting the following year. He continued to display works at “Group・Han” group exhibitions and modern Japanese art exhibitions, won accolades in 1971, and the following year won grand prize at the Japan Art Festival. He continued to win accolades at events such as the Krakow International Print Biennial Exhibition, Tokyo International Print Biennial Exhibition, and many other print exhibitions at home and abroad. In 1975 he and Nobuo SEKINE exhibited across Japan at 30 locations in a project planned by the Contemporary Print Center.

In 1980 he studied in the United States for one year as a research trainee for the Agency of Cultural Affairs. Many of SHIMA’s works explore the material quality of images and the possibilities of print - hanging a yellow futon from a yellow-painted apartment complex, stamping 10,000 stones from the riverbank and throwing them back into the water, printing dirt on the ground or newspaper. In doing so he tries to discover the connection between the internal “individual” and the universal “world”.


「working on safety」
Image size:43.3×32.2cm
Sheet size :56.8×38.2cm



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