"Bottled Music Selection 1"

Mixed media
Bottle height: 8~10cm
Box size: 24×18×11cm
Signed and numbered

This series was made for “Sound Object Exhibition” at Galerie und Edition Hundertmark in Cologne in 1993 , and consists of various musical concepts stuffed inside small bottles. For example, a bottle of 12 notes that looks frozen through clear silicon rocks, or a bottle full of a tape recorded with a sustained chord of a perfect fifth and an aroma. Another bottle, for instance, is all the notes of the first prelude of JS Bach’s Das Wohltemperierte Klavier compiled to 10 chords and encased in amber. Works 1-8 were mostly sold out during the exhibition, perhaps due to being reported on in the local newspaper, so I also made 9-14. This selection is one of 3 boxes of bottles I had on hand in 2013. Inside the box is also included a copy of the Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper with a story on the works, and an announcement for the exhibition.

The 8 bottles of Selection 1:
#4 An Aromatized Chord(VI/VI)
#6 Frozen Twelvetones (IX/XII)
#9 Ready to Blend Expressions (VI/XII)
#10 Time-Capsules (V/XII)
#11 Amber Prelude (V/VI)
#12 Sonic Palindrome (VI/XII)
#13 Silence for a Bell (V/XII)
#14 Dream Inducer(V/XII) (Text by SHIOMI Mieko)

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