"Fluxus Balance Version 1995"

Work size: 32 x 22.7cm
Box size: 35 x 26 x 5.5cm
Signed and numbered

Please contact the gallery for the price.
This is a collaborative work based on the idea that the inner workings of celestial bodies and lifeforms are all dependent on a delicate balance. With that concept, I wanted to play a poetic game with my friends around Fluxus and requested from them something to balance on a scale opposite an answer from somebody else.
I published the answers from all of the participants as a portfolio and sent a copy to each, but in 1995 came up with combinations for 68 cards printed with the answers, and attached them to 34 photographs of scales along with metal weights, and put those in an edition of 10 wooden boxes. Everybody’s answers were each unique and full of poeticism and humor, so it was a very fun and stimulating process. 9 editions are already collected by museums and individuals internationally, so this is the final box. (Text by SHIOMI Mieko)

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