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Man Ray was a significant contributor to both the Dada and Surrealist movements. He was not only a photographer but also a painter, a printmaker, an object artist and a film maker. We are trying to show his many faces by exhibiting 23 of his works.
Man RAY ( 1890 - 1976 )
Born Emmanuel Radnitzky in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.. He came to introduce himself as Man Ray in around 1915. He quit becoming an architect, and  started studying painting at the Ferrer center in 1912. He had his first solo show of paintings and drawings, and got acquainted with Marcel Duchamp in 1915. He became influenced by European Dada, and  teamed up with Duchamp to publish the one issue of New York Dada in 1920, but he soon declared, "Dada cannot live in New York", and he moved to Paris in 1921. He soon began to take artists' portraits such as Jean Cocteau, James Joyce, Gertrude Stein. Then he came to be known as "Photographer". He created a technique using photograms he called rayographs, and also reinvented the photographic technique of solarization with Lee Miller who was his assistant and lover. Man Ray directed a number of influential avant-garde short films, and produced many oil paintings, prints and objects.


No. Image Title Date Technique Size(cm) Edition Sign -
1 Solarization c.1929
printed later
gelatin silver print
( printed by Pierre Gassmann )
22.3x33.0 - stamped on the reverse SOLD
2 Marcel Duchamp in New York c.1921
printed later
gelatin silver print 28.0x21.0 - stamped on the reverse -
3 Kiki de Montparnasse 1922
printed later
gelatin silver print
( printed by Pierre Gassmann )
- stamped on the reverse SOLD
4 Meret Oppenheim and Luis Marcousis 1933

printed in
gelatin silver print
( printed by Pierre Gassmann )
39.8x29.0 - stamped on the reverse -
5 Meret Oppenheim 1933
printed later
gelatin silver print 29.8x22.2 - stamped on the reverse -
6 Woman with turban 1940's gelatin silver print 24.7x19.5 - signed on the mount,
stamped on the reverse
7 Portrait 1920
printed later
gelatin silver print 24.5x13.5 - stamped on the reverse -
8 Exhibition of Surrealist 1936
printed in 1987
gelatin silver print
( printed by Pierre Gassmann )
29.0x20.5 - stamped on the reverse,
signed by Pierre Gassmann
9 Self-portrait 1970 gelatin silver print 24.8x23.7 - signed by a pencil SOLD
10 Lee Miller c.1930
printed in 2003
gelatin silver print 37.5x27.0 - - SOLD
11 Rayograph A
( reproduction )
(1923) gelatin silver print 16.5x11.7 - stamped on the reverse -
12 Rayograph B
( reproduction )
(1928) gelatin silver print 16.4x11.9 - stamped on the reverse -
13 Rayograph C
( reproduction )
(1922) - 19.5x14.3 Ed.50 signed on the mount -
14 Rayograph D
( reproduction )
- - 19.5x14.0 Ed.50 signed on the mount -
15 Gift 1921
edited in 1974
multiple H16.5x8.2
Ed.5000 signed on the cirtification card -
16 The shadow on the boad 1972 pochoir 46.0x36.0 Ed.140
signed in pencil -
17 "Ballad of women out of time"
1970 etching 50.0x36.2 Ed.75 signed in pencil -
18 "Ballad of women out of time"
1970 etching 49.3x39.5 Ed.75 signed in pencil -
19 Keyhole 1970 aquatint,
21.5x19.1 E.A.
signed in pencil -
20 Rebus 1972 lithograph 48.5x41.0 Ed.110
signed in pencil -
21 Modern mythology II 1969 lithograph 51.0x40.0 Ed.100
signed in pencil -
22 Untitled 1971 lithograph 47.0x36.0 Ed.200
signed in pencil -
23 Cactus A 1971 aquqtint,
60.0x44.0 Ed.99 signed in pencil SOLD



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