Artists of GUTAI

March 24 Tue. - April 11 Sun. 2015

"GUTAI" was an artist group, formed by young artists based in western Japan in 1954. While it was in its action during 1950s, performing arts and installations were looked at with unprecedented eyes and were barely seen as an art.
Nowadays, they are rated internationally and Japanese arts from 1950s to 70s are actively reviewed. In 2013, there were large GUTAI exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.
With the slogan “Do not do what others do” by their leader Jiro YOSHIHARA, GUTAI members denied expressions and materials previously seen in the art scene and enthusiastically produced new forms and styles of art.
In this exhibition, we are exhibiting works by Jiro YOSHIHARA, Sadaharu HORIO, Atsuko TANAKA, Chiyu UEMAE, Takesada MATSUTANI, Yozo UKITA along with works by MOON Seung-Keun (1947-1982), who has passed away at the young age of 34.

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Gallery view