Matsumoto Shunsuke and Zakkicho

Oct. 08[Tues.]―Oct. 26[Sat.], 2019 11:00-19:00
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Zakkicho, published by Matsumoto Shunsuke, was a freeform, essay-focused magazine which aimed to provide knowledge in the search for a comprehensive culture in the contemporary time. This magazine that often published special articles on themes like humanism, and which placed a full trust and value in humanity, was synchronic to Matsumoto's youth and sincerity.  This time, we will display works that were published in Zakkicho. We have also published an exhibition catalog (color, 44 pg). The text is written by Komatsuzaki Takuo (art critic, adjunct professor at Bunkyo University) (Japanese only).

Artists: Matsumoto ShunsukeOnchi KoshiroFukuzawa IchiroEbihara KinosukeNambata TatsuokiTsuruoka MasaoKatsura Yuki

●Exhibition Catalogue

"Matsumoto Shunsuke and Zakkicho" Exhibition Catalogue
Published by Toki no Wasuremono
44 pages
Full color
Essay: Komatsuzaki Takuo (art critic, adjunct professor at Bunkyo University)
Images: 27
Design: Okamoto Issen Design Studio
*Image captions in Japanese and English, essay in Japanese only

■Matsumoto Shunsuke(1912-1948)
Born in Tokyo and moved to Morioka, Iwate at the age of 2, where he spent his youth. Became a member of the avant garde group NOVA in 1935 and was accepted into the Nika Exhibition for the first time. Married Matsumoto Teiko the following year; together, they began to publish the essay magazine Zakkicho (Sogo Kobo, total 14 volumes). In 1943, he and 7 other artists including Ai-Mitsu, Aso Saburo, and Terada Masaaki established the Shinjin Gakai, and they held 3 exhibitions together. After the war in 1946, Matsumoto called for the creation of an artists' association. In 1947 he and the Shinjin Gakai participated in the establishhment of the Jiyu Bijiutsu Kyokai. In 1948 he submitted "Sculpture and woman" and "Building" to Mainichi Shimbun's Rengo Exhibition - these would be his final works, and he passed away at the age of 36.

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