Special Exhibition: OGATA Ichiro, OGATA Yu and Le Corbusier

Apr. 6 [Wed.] ― Apr. 9 [Sat.] 2022 11:00-19:00

Watanuki Ltd. / TOKI-NO-WAUREMONO introduces photograph works by OGATA Ichiro and OGATA Yu, who are active as artists, photographers and architects.
"Indoor Dunes" series, which photographed traces of houses left behind over 100 years in the desert of Namibia, Africa, and "Ultra Baroque" series, which captures a microcosmos created by the unification of Christianity and the indigenous culture of Mexico, will be exhibited.

We are also exhibiting prints works by Le Corbusier, the master in the world of 20th century architecture also known as a painter.
"Taurus" series which he repeatedly produced since 1952 and his last collection of works "Unite" will be exhibited.

Artists: OGATA Ichiro and OGATA Yu, Le Corbusier

Gallery view