UNO Aquirax "Anoko" & Gian Berto VANNI "love"
Picture Books and Prints

August 6 [Sat.] ― August 11 [Thurs.] 2022 11:00-19:00
Gallery open all days of exhibition.

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We will hold an exhibition of picture books and prints by the illustrator and graphic designer UNO Aquirax (b.1934) and the Italian painter Gian Berto Vanni (1927-2017).

"Anoko" (text by IMAE Yoshitomo, Rironsha), illustrated by UNO Aquirax in 1966, is a fantastical tale of a boy, a girl, and a horse shortly before the end of the war. Uno's ephemeral drawings of the little girl grab the reader's heart in this memorable picture book.

"love", Gian Berto VANNI's picture book, was published in France in 1964 and has since sold over 1 million copes worldwide. It was released in Japan (trans. Sanbe Ritsuko) in 2007. Every page reveals a world beyond belief in this wonderful picture book made artistically by VANNI from the printing to the text, paper, design and binding. We will show the series "love", six never-before-seen copperplate prints depicting the world of the picture book.

We will also display several other works and picture books, so please come visit with your family.

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