See a Single Print (lithography) by Abe Tsutomu.

Aug. 25 [Fri.] ― Sep. 2 [Sat.] 2023 11:00-19:00
Gallery closed Sun., Mon., and national holidays.
Cooperation: Bontana, Altec.

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Architect, Tsutomu Abe, who passed away this January (1936-2023), was producing a lithography by the name of “House with a Center”, dated on the 22nd of November 2021.
A small exhibition with Abe’s prints and books, will be held at the private residency of Las Casas (Completed in 1996, and became the gallery TOKI-NO-WASUREMONO in 2017) which was designed by Abe.
While enjoying Abe's architectural space, please take a look at one of Abe's only prints (lithograph).
We will also exhibit prints and drawings by architects such as Le Corbusier.

■Abe Tsutomu
Born in Tokyo in 1936. After graduating from Waseda University (Faculty of science and Engineering, Department of Architecture) in 1960, he joined Junzo Sakakura’s Architectural Research Institute. At the request of [Kitano House][Saga Prefectural Gymnasium][Kure Civic Hall][Hotel Sanai][Kanagawa Prefectural Government Office] and the Thai Ministry of Education, he has been involved in the design and management of agricultural high schools, technical high schools, and 25 colleges. He established Artec in 1984 with Jiro Murofushi after working at Archivision Architectural Institute, which he presided over with Tadahiro Tono and Jiro Murofushi. In 1985 he received the 4th Japan Institute of Architects Newcomer Award for [Tateshinaso Reneside Stanley]. Received the "25 Years of Architecture Award" six times, the most for a private office, for [My House][Gohongi House] [Utsukushigaoka House][Kagawa Toyohiko Memorial Matsuzawa Museum][Stanley Electric Technology Research Institute] and [Sakuradai House]. His publications include Contemporary Architecture/Space and Method 2 (1986 Dohosha), House with a Center (Wandering Places to Live in - A Book of Houses I Want to Tell Children) (2005 Index Communications), Enjoying Life How to Make a Kitchen” (2014 Shokokusha), “A House with a Center: 50 Years of the House of Architect Tsutomu Abe” (2022 Gakugei Publishing) and others. Part-time lecturer at Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Architecture, Tokyo University of the Arts Faculty of Art part-time lecturer, Joshibi University of Art and Design part-time lecturer, Nihon University College of Art part-time lecturer. And he ended up passing away the 10th of January of 2023.

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