Yoshihiko UEDA

Photographer. Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1957. After graduating from Visual Arts Osaka, studied under Fukuda Masanobu in 1980, Arita Taiji in 1981, then became independent in 1982. Major commercial work includes Suntory's Oolong Tea and Iemon Tea, commercials for Shiseido, and CF/graphic series for Mujirushi Ryohin. Was awarded the New York ADC gold medal, Cannes Graphic silver medal, and Tokyo ADC best in show, among many other prizes. He was well regarded domestically and globally for his work on the front lines of commercial photography as well as the works he created outside of business.

Major photo collections include "QUINALT", documenting forests sacred to the people of the Quinalt Indian Nation; "AMAGATSU", documenting the traditional dancer Amagatsu Ushio; "at home", photos of his family; and "CHAMBER of CURIOSITIES", photos of the collection of specimens at the Tokyo University University Museum. 



Gelatin silver print
Mixed media
Image size:26.5x21.9cm
Sheet size:42.8x35.4cm


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