Born in Tokyo in 1921. Became interested in cameras from a young age through the influence of his father. 1939, enrolled to study engineering at what is now Keio University, where he developed an interest in metal science. 1942, drafted into military service,  then released in 47. 1948, participated in Modern Art Summer Course and met Yamaguchi Katsuhiro. He created works inspired by Calder mobiles he saw in magazines and submitted them to the Shiyokai Exhibition. The next year, submitted oils to the 1st Yomiuri Independent Exhibition. From around 1950, began to develop relationships with other genres of artists like musicians and worked on things like ballet sets. 1951, established the multimedia art group Jikken Kobo.

Was in charge of the sets for the premiere of the ballet "Joy of life". Presented many collaboratie works by members of Jikken Kobo like theatre, auto slide, and film. Presented a constructivist oil paintings at his first solo exhibition at Takemiya Gallery. Afterwards, mainly worked with mediums besides painting such as veneer reliefs, mobiles, stabiles, and "photo prints" using photo paper. From around 1957, mostly published photographs in magazines. Published essays. Exhibited in "Floating Sculptures" at the Nerima City Museum of Art.

2001, passed away.


"Tremors of sound"

Electric print made by pixel transfer
Ed. 15


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