Salvador y Domenech DALI

Born 1904 in Spain.

1921, enrolled in San Fernando Art School , and in 1925 held his first solo exhibition in Madrid. 1927, moved to Paris and became acquainted with artists like Picasso and Breton. 1929, was visited by Paul Eluard and his then-wife Gala; Dali was strongly drawn to Gala and the two married in 1932 - Gala would be his muse a nd manager for the rest of their lives. The two of them traveled the world exhibiting Dali's works, and he continued to create pieces with motifs of time, religion, quantum mechanics, and genetics.

Each of Dali's exhibitions were successful. The Salvador Dali Museum opened in St. Petersburg, Florida with a large collection of Dali paintings. After Gala's death in 1982, Dali lost his muse, and the painting he created the following year, "Swallow's Tail", would be his last. He passed away in 1989. Dali is entombed at the Dali Theatre and Museum that he designed and built in his hometown of Figueres, Catalonia.


"Immortal Monarchy"

Copperplate print, mixed media
Ed. 210


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