Born in France in 1921. Real name, Cesar Baldaccini. A representative sculptor of 20th century France. After studying art at schools in Marseilles and Paris, he began to create iron sculptures in 1947 and held his first solo exhibition in 1954 with works made of of collected scraps. In 1960, he was struck by a machine he saw at a friend's factory which compressed scrap metal into cubes. The "Compression Sculptures" he made from scrapped cars ultimately had a will of their won and suprassed his idea of sculpture to that point.

The compression car received praise and criticism at that year's Salon de Mai and Cesar gained international recognition. He began to use polyurethane to create "Expansion" sculptures as well. He was invited by groups around the world to create public art, and he created public sculpture such as an elarged version of his own thumb.

He created the trophy for a film award initiated by his friend George Cravennes, which came to be called the Cesar Award.

Passed away in 1998.


"Compressed Motorcycle"

Mixed media
Ed. 100


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