Born 1950 in Nagano Prefecture, Tatsuno enrolled at Tokyo University of the Arts and graduated there in 1974. She received the 46th Geijutsu Sensho Newcomer Award in 1996, and was active as a member in the Shiseido Tsubaki (Camellia) Association from 1996-2001. In 2005, Tatsuno was appointed a professor at Tama Art University. Tatsuno, who is well-known her tendency towards the abstract, a rich palette of colors, and geometrical yet organic sense of shape initially employed the silkscreen technique as a means to enhance her painting.

Her 1995 exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art was the first solo exhibition for a woman artist, as well as she was at that time the youngest artist to ever have had a solo show at this institution. Without a doubt, she was a leading figure of contemporary Japanese modernist painting.
Tatsuno passed away in 2014.



Pastel on paper


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