Masashi ASADA

Asada was born 1979 in Mie Prefecture. While enrolled at the Japan Institute of Photography and Film, he began the photography series “Asada Family.” In 2003, Asada relocated to Tokyo and worked for Studio Fobos, and in 2007 he established his own studio. The next year in 2008, “Asada Family” was published by Akaaka Art Publishing, winning him the 34th Kimura Ihei Prize.

More recently, Asada has been working on a new series, “We’re All Family.” His solo exhibition “Asada Family: Won’t You Try Pressing the Shutter?” was held in 2008 at Parco Department Store in Shibuya and Nagoya. In the same year, “Asada Family: Akaaka, Aka-chan” was held at Akaaka Gallery Space.




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