Frank Lloyd WRIGHT

Born in Wisconsin, USA. While working at Adler and Sullivan, Wright was spotted with his talent and handled most of firm's residential designs since 1888. Establishing his own firm in 1893, he achieved nearly 200 architectual designs (including plan-only projects) in 17 years, and became well known for his prairie style design.
In 1910 he published his first collection of works from German publisher Wasmuth including 100 lithographs. This brought great response and Wright became the vanguard of modern architect era.
He built his own home at Wales in south west Wisconsin, the homeland for his ancestors.

He visited Japan in 1913 for the building of the new wing at the Imperial Hotel. During his stay, he left numerous architectures such as former Murayama House (currently a guest house of Yodogawa Steel Works, Ltd., Important Cultural Property) and Arinobu Fukuhara's villa (Hakone, lost in 1923).
In the late 1930s, he released his 2 representational works Fallingwater (Edgar J. Kaufmann residence) and Johnson Wax Build. Praised as one of the "3 Grand Masters of Modern Architecture" along with Le Corbisier and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.


"Gerts Walter Residence"

Watercolor and ink on paper

Books and Catalogues
◆497 - 〈Frank Lloyd-Wright Selected Drawings Portfolio 3〉Portfolio

1982 A.D.A. EDITA Tokyo Co.,Ltd. 
50 pages

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