Jean Eugene-ATGET

French photographer. Born in the southwestern city of Libourne in 1857. Moves in with his uncle after losing his parents at age 5-6. Enrolls in a conservatory for music and acting, but must drop out of drama school for military service; makes rounds of the country. In 1886, met his partner Valentine Delafosse, and continued to travel. Valentine performed at La Roche from 1897-1902, but Atget was dismissed from his theatre company.

Returned to Paris and pursued painting, but began photography for his livelihood. Initially took photographs of street vendors, then as the 20th century began, photographed Parisian architecture and interiors. Took around 8000 photos over 30 years, with most becoming public posthumously. Atget's photographs are a valuable record of life in the Third Republic, and his work is seen as a standard of urban landscape photography.
Passed away in 1927.


"Port dans la rue Eau de Robec, Rouen"

1908 (Printed 1977)
Gelatin silver print
Image size: 23.3×17.4cm
Sheet size: 23.8×17.5cm
*Printed and signed by Pierre Gassman

"24-26 rue Sainte-Foy"

Gelatin silver print
Image size: 17.5×23.0cm *Printed by Pierre Gassman

"Bar de Cabaret"

1910-1911 (printed 1956)
Gelatin silver print
Image size:23.2×17.2cm


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