Born in Illinois, 1886. In 1902, began to take photos with a camera received from his father. Opened a photo studio in Tropico, CA (now Glendale) in 1911, where he began to make his living. In 1922, moved from pictorialism to shooting portraits, still lifes, nudes, and landscapes with straight photography, making clever use of natural light. Held his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles in 1919. Worked in Mexico from 1923 - 1926, where he developed a relationship with the photographer Tina Modotti and others. Returned to California in 1927; from this period he began to pursue the beauty of form, photographing closeups of natural shapes like nudes, cross sections of onions, and mollusks.

In 1932, formed the group f/64 with Ansel Adams and Imogen Cunningham. Using 8x10 cameras with ther lenses contracted to the smallest setting of 64, their pursuit of ultimate realism and form left a great impact on contemporary photography. From the later half of the 1930s, began to shoot landscapes of the deserts and cliffs of California. In 1938, became the first photographer to be awarded a Guggeinheim Fellowship, which resulted in "California and the West" in 1940. Developed Parkinson's Disease in 1946, and continued to create work while ill until passing away in 1958.




1925(Printed later)
Gelatin silver print
Image size:19.0×21.0cm
Sheet size:33.7×38.0cm
Printed and signed by Cole Weston


1927(Printed later)
Gelatin silver print
Image size:22.5×17.2cm
Sheet size:38.1×33.6cm
Printed and signed by Cole Weston

"Grass Against Sea, 1937"

1937 (printed later)
Gelatin silver print
Sheet size: 18.5×23.5cm
Printed and signed by Cole Weston



1936 (Printed later)
Gelatin silver print
Printed and signed by Cole Weston

"Oceano, 1936"

1936 (printed later)
Gelatin silver print
Image size: 24.4x19.3cm
Sheet size: 34.3x39.5cm
Printed and signed by Cole Weston


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