Born 1902, USA. Studied music at Columbia University and West Virginia University, and spent four years on Broadway as a professional tenor singer. Later, in Paris, where he studied abroad, he came into contact with impressionist paintings and photographs by Moholy-Nagy, Man Ray and others, and became interested in the visual arts. Around this time, he bought a camera and began taking photographs. Despite a well-received stage debut in Paris, he began to feel the limit to his voice and returned to the USA in 1930. This was the beginning of his serious commitment to photographic expression, and at the age of 36 he enrolled at the Los Angeles Art Centre to study photography.


Influenced by painting, he became more interested in experimental techniques such as solarisation than in straight photography. Graduated in 1941, he earned a living with commercial photography, before meeting Edward Weston in 1948, who strongly influenced Bullock with his simple, direct approach to the world without a manipulation in a darkroom. Bullock subsequently abandoned the experimental work he had done up to that point, and took many photographs of nature, such as forests and the sea, and of young girls and women nude in the midst of this nature. His best-known works include "Children in the Forest" and "Let There Be Light". Passed away in 1975.


"Child in the forest"

1951 (Vintage)
Gelatin silver print
Image size: 19.0×24.2cm
Sheet size: 33.5×38.0cm

"Navigation Without Numbers"

1957 (Vintage)
Gelatin silver print
Image size: 17.8×23.0cm
Sheet size: 33.5×38.0cm



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