Born in San Fransisco in 1902. Close to both photography and the wild nature of the American West from a young age, Adams first picked up a camera at age 14 and photographed Yosemite Park. He first wanted to become a pianist, but after meeting Paul Strand in 1930 set his mind on being a photographer. 1932, came together with Edward Weston and Imogene Cunningham and established f/64, a photography group which pursued a stark style using straight photography.


Held his first solo exhibition in 1936. He contributed to photographic culture in many ways beyond just being an artist, including his work in establishing departments of photography at the MoMA and at California College of the Arts. 1941, presented the "zone system" which was used to optimize the exposure and light of a photography from shooting to development. Ansel's original prints use a technique that bring out the mid-tones in the highest quality. From 1934 to 1971 he very active as an environmentalist with the Sierra Club. Passed away in 1984.


"Forest Detail, Winter Yosemite National Park, California "

1949 printed later
Gelatin Silver Print
24.0x19.2cm signed




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