Born in Paris, France in 1889. In addition to being a painter, he was famous as a poet, author, playwright, and critic, and was also active as a film director and screenwriter. Cocteau is considered to have had influenced movements like Dada and surrealism, and have had been influenced himself, but he never personally took part in the movements - in fact, he often opposed them. He had relationships with Satie and Picasso, and in 1917 cooperated with them to open the ballet “Parade”.

He traveled to Japan in 1936, where he developed an interest in sumo and kabuki, calling sumo “an art of balance”. He was called “King of Poets” in 1960; at this time he had already received a reaction from Andre Breton.
Passed away in 1963.


" *front

Pastel, crayon
Image size: 64.0×47.5cm

"Gentleman and dog" *back
Image size: 47.5×62.5cm




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