ICHIDA studied bookbinding and book conservation at U.C.A.D. (Paris Bookbinding Craft School) and Le Vesinet Bookbinding Academy. In 2002 she opened Atelier ALDE, where she takes bookbinding commissions and offers workshops and classes.

Her individual exhibits include "The creation of books- Texte, Corps d'ouvrage, Structure" at GALLERY Kitanozaka in 2007. She published a limited edition book, "Chuya Nakamura Poem Anthology" through Atelier ALDE as part of the exhibit "binding chuya nakamura – reliure that connects with text". She was one of the 100 artists selected in both of the Italian International Reliure Exhibitions, "L’Infinito""100 Artisans"and “Il Cantico delle Creature""100 Artisans", and she participated in the 2006 Double Bush Binding Aus/France/Japan traveling exhibition.


Shuzo Takiguchi "Shuzo Takiguchi's Poetic Experiments 1927-1937

Double bound Passe Carton
Graphite dyed
Title embossing: Minako NAKAMURA




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