1965  Graduated Tokyo University of the Arts Department of Architecture, joined Arata Isozaki and Associates

1967  Debuted in Toshi Jutaku and with his buildings Cray Pas House and Yawata House.

1969  Was responsible for the Skopje City Plan and the World Expo Festival Plaza, then became independent.

1969  Established Kijo Rokkaku and Associates

1977  Awarded the Yoshida Isoya Prize for Zasso no Morigakuen Soyokaze Kindergarten



1990  Awarded Architecture Institute of Japan Prize for Tokyo Budokan.

1991~2009  Taught at Tokyo University of the Arts Department of Architecture. Professor emeritus.

2000  Awarded the Mainichi Design Prize for Sense Museum, themed around the 5 senses.

 2001~2019 President of the Society for Clinical Art

2009~2016 Taught at CAFA Graduate School of Architecture (Beijing) as Distinguished Professor.

2019   Passed away on January 12, age 77.






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