Minami TADA

Born in Taiwan in 1924. Graduated from Women's University of Art Division of Western Painting in 1944. Was selected to be part of the Nika Exhibition in 1958, and in 1960 was honored with a special selection. Founded the Tada Art Research Center in 1962. TADA's works are primarily abstract 3D forms which utilize the reflection of light. Her representative work is the "Frequency" series of creased aluminum in hemispherical forms. She has had works (sculptures and reliefs) in places including the Imperial Palace, the Imperial Hotel, the Rihga Royal Hotel, the Japanese Embassy in Washington DC, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kawachinagano City Office, Matuyama Station, and many other locations.

Aside from 3D sculptures, TADA has also created works in mediums such as paintings, environmental design, industrial design, and spatial design. In 1995, to commemorate the 50th Agency for Cultural Affairs Arts Festival, she created a symbol mark which is still used today. She was awarded the Purple Medal of Honor in 1988 and the Fourth Class Order of the Precious Crown in 1994, and in 2012 was awarded an honorary doctorate from Joshibi University of Art and Design for her work in the advancement of art. She passed away in 2014.


Untitled 01

Stainless steel




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