Born in Niigata Prefecture in 1908. He was drawn to arts and literature from middle school, and upon entering Yamaguchi High School, he created painting and poetry with a group of art-loving friends. In 1933 he began to work at the Ministry of Communications, Tokyo Central Telephone Office; at the same time, he developed an interest in avant garde dance, like Neue-Tanz, and began to make friends with dancers. In 1936 he joined the Avant Garde Artists Club, formed around Shuzo TAKIGUCHI. His dancer friends traveled to Paris in 1939, and he went with them. SUEMATSU began to make oil paintings in France during the Second World War.

Upon returning to Japan, he was active in the Jiyu Bijutsu Kyokai and the Shutai Bijutsu Kyokai. SUEMATSU was responsible for giving the Japanese name "TENJO SAJIKI" to Marcel Carne, who's known for his movie subtitles and for introducing French art. SUEMATSU returned to Europe in 1954. His travels to the French province of Provence became an opportunity for his half-abstract mass-like expression to become a more fluid abstractism with a coloring that was consciuos of light. In 1992 the Itabashi City Museum of Art held the exhibition, "Masaki SUEMATSU - the Era of Abstraction and Dance," a retrospective which included 126 of his works, including his very earliest. SUEMATSU passed way in 1997.



Watercolor on paper
25.3x29.2 cm

Watercolor on paper
37.3x37.2 cm



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