Masaaki YAMADA

Born 1929 in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan College of Technology. 1949, exhibited at the 1st Japan Independent Exhibition. 1950, joined the Jiyu Bijutsuka Kyokai, and entered the tutelage of Hasegawa Saburo in 1953. 1958, held his first solo exhibition at Kyobunkwan Gallery (Tokyo). 1948, began the "Still Life" series (until 1955). His subjects slowly abstracted, and from 1956 he began his "Work" series made of stripes, crosses, and grids, which we continued for 40 years. 1978, solo exhibition in Ginza had a very positive reception, and as the 80s began, his stripe works from the 60s began to gather great attention.

1981, participated in "1960s - Turning Point of Modern Art Exhibition" (MoMA Tokyo, MoMA Kyoto), and in 1987 participated in the 19th Sao Paulo Biennale, where Tono Yoshiaki was a commissioner. From 1997, began the "Color" series where he blocked the image in a single color (until 2001). Overall, Yamada made around 5000 works in his lifetime. He passed away in 2010, aged 81.  


Oil pastel
Image size:61.0x78.0cm
Sheet size:72.0x90.0cm





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