Yoshifumi HAYASHI

Born in Osaka Prefecture. Entered the Literature Department of Waseda University in 1962 (dropped out in 1967). While attending, became acquainted with Ufan LEE. Worked at Nantenshi Gallery from 1967 to 1970, and joined Nobuo SEKINE’s Environment Research Center in 1973 (left in 1978).

He pursued forms of expression using traditional Asian materials like ink and paper, holding solo exhibitions at places including Ginza Chuo Gallery, Shirakaba Gallery, and Gallery Te, as well as participating in group exhibitions at places including Gallery Te. In 1981 he held a solo exhibition in Paris. HAYASHI was also active as an art critic; as somebody who understood Nobuo SEKINE well, he edited collections starting with “SEKINE NOBUO: a message from environment art studio” (1992) and supported his activity from a theoretical standpoint.



Copperplate print
Sheet size: 50.2x66.0cm
Image size: 36.5x46.5cm
Ed. 35




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