Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000)


Austrian painter and architect. He and his mother were Jewish. Hundertwasser, whos family suffered persecution by the Nazis, thoroughly opposed fascism and created a body of work based on his belief in respect for individual freedom.

Studied at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna for 3 months at the age of 20. Afterwards, he set his heart on becoming a painter and went on a trip to Northern Africa, where he witnessed relationships between man and nature. From that time, his works were already full of color and crooked lines.


Hundertwasser rejected the straight line and instead used crooked, natural lines in his art and architecture. He has said, "The straight line is godless and immoral." In Japan, Hundertwasser's architecture can be seen Kids' Plaza Osaka and the Mashima Incineration Plant. He colorful works show his style and worldview and also include his activity as an environtmentalist.

From 1981, he taught at his alma mater of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In 2000, he passed away on a passenger ship heading towards his home of New Zealand.


"A River Over the Roof"

Woodblock print on Japanese paper
Sheet size: 57.0x42.0cm
Image size: 53.0x40.0cm
Ed. 200

"Talks with the Beyond"

Color etching
Sheet size: 62.0x76.0cm
Image size: 39.8x53.5cm
Ed. 128


313th Gallery exhibition: Architecture on Paper Exhibition , Jul 26-Aug 10, 2019

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