Charm of Gelatin Silver Prints VI

Feb. 19[Wed.]―Mar. 14[Sat.], 2020 11:00-19:00
Gallery closed on Sunday, Monday, and national holidays.

The 20th Century was the age of gelatin silver prints. Photographers created many works with this method, the most advanced medium of the time. However, it would be no exaggeration to say that with the advancement of digital cameras, gelatin silver prints, which were so central to the analog photography of the 20th century, disappeared. But gelatin silver prints have a certain flavor that can't be captured by digital photography. There is an intrinsic quality that is born from the material and methods that have held on for 100, 200 years of history. The arrival of new technologies weeds out the old, but just as new technologies have their benefits, there is also a traditional charm cultivated by the old ways over long years. To encourage the survival and appreciation of these old techniques, Toki-no-Wasuremono first presented the "Charm of Gelatin Silver Prints" series in 2009. For its sixth edition, we will present works by Narahara Ikko, Fukuhara Shinzo, Fukuda Katsuji, Kazama Kensuke, Sugawara Ichigo, Atget, and Man Ray, as well as photo-dessin (which are technically gelatin silver prints) by Q Ei to commemorate the 60th anniversary of his death.

Narahara Ikko(1931- 2020)
Joined Ikeda Masuo and Ay-O's group "Jitsuzaisha" in 1955. In 1958 he published his series Domains, which focused on the lives of people in isolation, or which he was awarded the Photographic Society of Japan's Newcomer Award.

Fukuhara Shinzo(1883 - 1948)
Considered a pioneer of contemporary Japanese photography as it dawned between the end of the Taisho period and the beginning of Meiji. He was the son of Fukuhara Arinobu, the founder of Shiseido Comany, and was also the first president of Shiseido.

Q Ei(1911 – 1960)
Founded Demokrat Bijutsu Kyokai in 1951. Was heavily influential to many artists. He worked in many mediums including oil, photo-dessin, and print, and created a unique world of his own.

Fukuhara Katsuji(1899 – 1991)
Awarded the Ilford Diamond Prize at the 1st Japan Photography Art Exhibition in 1926. After the war, he created nude works in the pursuit of feminine beauty and is considered a leader of the Japanese photography world.

Kazama Kensuke(1960 – 2017)
Awarded the Newcomer's Award by the Photographic Society of Japan in 2006 for his photo collection "Yubari" published by Jurosha in 2005.

Sugawara Ichigo(b. 1960)
Has held many solo exhibitions since beginning his work as a photographer in France. Last year, he started making new photo works which combine old techniques with new digital techniques.

Jean Eugene Atget(1857 – 1927)
French photographer. Left behind around 8000 photographs taken over 30 years of the buildings and interiors of 20th century post-war Paris. Many of his works were disovered after his death.

Man Ray(1890 – 1976)
American painter, sculptor, and photographer. Well known as a Dadaist and Surrealist, particularly for his many sculpture works.