Q Ei

Q Ei, whose early work was done under his real name of Hideo Sugita, was born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1911. At age 15, his criticism started appearing in the art magazines "Atelier" and "Mizue".
Q Ei’s first collection of photo-dessins, was published in 1936 as "The Reason for Sleep" (Nemuri No Riyu). In 1937, he set up the art organization "Free Art Association" (Jiyu Bijutsu Kyokai). As to criticize the established public group and Japan art world, he set up "Democratic Artists Association" in 1951.

Q Ei had great influence among the young Japanese artists at that time such as Ay-O, Masuo IKEDA, Yukihisa ISOBE, On KAWARA, and Eikoh HOSOE. He challenged various medium such as oil paintings, photo-dessins, prints, and created a unique world of art.
Died in 1960 at the age of 48.


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Picture books
♦ Q Ei works reference material
"Yoshitomo NARA x Q Ei "Departure of an artist at age 24"" exhibition catalogue
Release date: 11th Sep. 2010
Size: B5
Pages: 15
Auther: Yutaka MIKAMI
Images: 15 exhibited images and 27 referred images

"The big adventure of the avant-garde artist. Q Ei" exhibition catalogue
Release date: 2004
Editer/Publisher: Shoto museum, Shibuya
Size: 29.5×19.7cm
Pages: 176
Images: 42 Oilpaintings, 22 Watercolors, 14 Photo-dessins, 4 Pen drawings and 16 Prints. 31 photos by Mizuo TAMAI inserted.

"Q Ei works collection"
Release date: 1997
Publisher: Japan Econimic Newspapers
Size: B4 (32.0×26.0cm)
Pages: 204
Cloth covered and boxed
Images: 130 Oil paintings, 45 Collages and Photo-dessins, 39 Copper prints, 23 Lithographs.
68 other reference images.
* Special limited edition (100 copies) were made along with trade edition.

"Q Ei and his circle" exhibition catalogue (Saitama museum of modern art)
Release date: 1986
Pages: 128
Text : Sadajirou KUBO, Shinichi SEGI
Exhibited artists : Q, Ei, Ay-O, Masuo IKEDA, Shigeru IZUMI, Toshinobu ONOSATO, Saburou HASEGAWA, Yoshio HAYAKAWA, Eikou HOSOE, Hideo YOSHIHARA
146 work images inserted

"The father of modern art: Q Ei exhibition" Catalogue Special Edition (Odakyu)
Release date: 1979
Pages: 132
Special edition: 1 Copper print included
Trade edition: Leaflet included

Detail of trade edition is available here.

"Q Ei: His work and biography" by Mitsuharu YAMADA
Release date: 1976
Publisher: Seiryudou
Pages: 480

"Complete index of Q Ei's lithographs"
Release date: 1974
Publisher: Q Ei society
1000 limited editions
Pages: 74

"Q Ei art book" Sadajirou KUBO edition
Release date: 1971
Publisher: Doukankoukai
2000 limited editions
Pages: 89

"Q Ei works exhibition" catalogue (Gallery Nantenshi [Venue: Gallery Bungeishunjyu])
Release date: Jan. 1969
Pages: 10
Text: Masuo IKEDA

"Q Ei posthumous work exhibition" index (Senkyo building, Fukui-shi)
Release date: 1960
Organiser: Q Ei society
Pages: 6 (3 folds)
Text: Kinosuke EBIHARA, Shuzou TAKIGUCHI, Ryuichi YAMASHIRO, Shigeru IZUMI

"Q Ei  Photo-dessin exhibition" index (Takashimaya, Nihonbashi)
release date: 1955
Pages: 8 (4 folds)
Text: Kinosuke EBIHARA, Shuzou TAKIGUCHI, Shikanosuke OKA

"Q Ei photo-dessin  new works exhibition index" (Matsuzakaya)
Release date: 1950
Pages: 12
Text: Usaburou SOTOYAMA
1 photograph included

"Q Ei and his fellows exhibition" picture book
Release date: 1988
Publisher: Machida national museum of print
Pages: 112
Size: 27.6×21.5cm

""The world of art 2 by KUBO Sadajiro  Q Ei and his fellows"
Release date: 28th Feb. 1985
Publisher: Soubunsha
Auther: KUBO Sadajiro
Pages: 232
Size: 21.6×15.9cm

"Reason for sleep No.2 (quarterly issue)"
Limited 500 copies
Release date: 1st Aug. 1966
Publisher: Q Ei society
Pages: 58
Size: 24.6×17.6cm

"Reason for sleep No.3 (quarterly issue)"
Limited 500 copies
Release date: 20th Nov. 1966
Publisher: Q Ei society
Pages: 66
Size: 24.7×17.7cm

"Reason for sleep No.4 (quarterly issue)"
Limited 500 copies
Release date: 1st Apr. 1967
Publisher: Q Ei society
Pages: 48
Size: 24.4×17.6cm

"Reason for sleep No.5 (quarterly issue)"
Limited 500 copies
Release date: 10th Dec. 1967
Publisher: Q Ei society
Pages: 54
Size: 24.5×17.6cm

"Reason for sleep No.6,7 (combined issue)"
Release date: 20th Jun. 1968
Publisher: Q Ei society
Pages: 102
Size: 25.3×17.8cm

"Reason for sleep No.8 (quarterly issue)"
Limited 500 copies
Release date: 1st May. 1969
Publisher: Q Ei society
Pages: 68
Size: 24.5×17.6cm

"Reason for sleep No.9、10 (combined issue)"
Release date: 5th Jul. 1969
Publisher: Q Ei society
Pages: 158
Size: 25.1×17.8cm

"Reason for sleep No.13"
Limited 300 copies
Release date: 1st Sep. 1973
Publisher: Q Ei society
Pages: 34
Size: 24.7×17.5cm

"Mizue Jul. 1979 No.891"
Release date: 3rd Jul. 1979
Publisher: Art Publishing
Special feature: Q Ei
Pages: 124
Size: 29.5×22.5cm


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ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH 2022    11/29 - 12/3

No.347)    31st Q Ei Exhibition    10/7 - 10/22

No.332)    110th Anniversary 30th Q Ei Exhibition Photo-dessins and Stencils    9/3 - 9/25

Gallery Collection of Summer - Q Ei, TAKIGUCHI Shuzo, ONOSATO Toshinobu    6/29 - 7/10

No.319)    29th Q Ei Exhibition     3/8 - 3/30

Web exhibition Part 1

Web exhibition Part 2


ART BASEL HONG KONG 2019 - 28th Q Ei Exhibition    3/27 - 3/31

No.307)    27th Q Ei Exhibition     1/8 - 1/26


No.262)    26th Q Ei Exhibition - Search for Light    5/16 - 5/30

Gallery Collection of February    2/3 - 2/14


No.251)    25th Q Ei exhibition "Q Ei and Sadajiro KUBO"    6/11 - 6/28

No.241)    24th Q Ei exhibition "Q Ei and Shuzo TAKIGUCHI"    10/26 - 11/2
No.235)    23rd Q Ei exhibition    5/17 - 6/1

No.212)    22nd Q Ei exhibition    1/13 - 1/2

No.206)    21st Q Ei exhibition "Fragment of 46 light / Paper pattern in photo-dessin"    9/9 - 9/7
Gallery's Collection "Kisaragi"    2/8 - 2/26
Gallery's Collection    1/5 - 1/8.

No.192)    20th Q Ei exhibition Yoshitomo NARA x Q Ei "Departure of an artist at age 24"    9/11 - 9/18

No.171)    19th Q Ei exhibition "Q Ei and 8 painters of his period"    2/6- 2/28

No.169)    Rediscover The Beauty of Prints    12/12 - 12/2

No.143)    18th Q Ei exhibition    5/18 - 6/2

No.134)    17th Q Ei exhibition    9/15- 9/30

No.120)    16th Q Ei exhibition / TOKINOWASUREMONO 10th anniversary    7/8 - 7/30

No.115)    15th Q Ei exhibition / Artist's departure 1936    8/17 - 9/11

No.108)    14th Q Ei exhibition    12/12 - 12/25
No.105)    13th Q Ei exhibition -Q Ei and his surroundings-    7/4 - 7/12

No.94)    12th Q Ei exhibition -Photo-dessin stencil exhibition-    2/1 - 2/16

No.84)    11th Q Ei exhibition    6/15 - 6/30

No.77)    10th Q Ei exhibition / from "Reason of Sleep" to stipple    12/1 - 12/16
No.67)    9th Q Ei exhibition -After 40 years of his death / Oil painting-    5/10 - 5/25

No.61)    8th Q Ei exhibition -Little devils (Copper print)    10/8 - 10/23
No.56)    7th Q Ei exhibition -Photo-dessin    5/24 - 6/9

No.50)    6th Q Ei exhibition -Q Ei and Toshinobu ONOSATO    12/4 - 12/19

No.38)    5th Q Ei exhibition -Celebrating the publication of "Q Ei works collection"    12/12 - 12/27.
No.35)    Sadajirou KUBO and writers 1 -Exhibition celebrating the memorial publication of "Talking about Sadajirou KUBO" / Shuzou TAKIGUCHI, Tamiji KITAGAWA, Q Ei, Shigeru IZUMI, Yuki KATSURA, Tadashi KATOU, Ryuichi YAMASHIRO, Toshiko UCHIMA, Henry Miller, Toshinobu ONOSATO, Koushirou ONJI, Yoshitoshi MORI and others    10/24 - 1/11

No.19)    4th Q Ei exhibition -Photo-dessin    10/30 - 11/9
No.16)    3rd Q Ei exhibition    7/10 - 7/27

No.13)    2nd Q Ei exhibition    5/13 - 6/1
No.11)    1st Q Ei exhibition    3/6 - 3/23

No.1)    Etching slection 1 / Kiyoshi HASEGAWA, Tatsuoki NAMBATA, Q Ei, Tetsuro KOMAI    6/5 - 6/18


Presented in catalogues
"Machida, Q Ei and their fellows" exhibition catalogue
Record of Sadajirou KUBO's lecture / Q Ei and the modern art
"Avant-garde artist's big adventure: Q Ei" exhibition catalogue
Definitive collection of prints: Q Ei works by NIKKEI
FUJI TV gallery Q Ei exhibition 1974 catalogue
Complete index of Q Ei's lithographs: limited 1000 edition, etc

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